DJ Slater - Anthology
[2015-07-09 11:37:37]

On the occassion of the 10th anniversary of my label Tribal Vision Records, I put together a mixed CD containing classic Tribal Vision tracks from 2004-2007 period. This is a unique retrospective journey to the beginnings of the label, including timeless music by artists such as Vibrasphere, Jaia, Tegma, Ticon, Antix, Human Blue, Fitalic or Side-A. Available as a continuous DJ mix or unmixed compilation with single tracks. Get it at

2014 news!
[2014-08-14 21:20:57]

Sorry for being silent for a while - it's been a busy period indeed - but there are some really exciting news on the horizon! My record label Tribal Vision Records is undergoing a bit reboot for our 10 years anniversary, including new releases from Jaia, Tegma, Solid Snake or Rickard Berglöf (Vibrasphere). I myself am preparing a new mixed CD compilation Anthology featuring some of the Tribal Vision biggest classics, and also some new tracks and remixes with my live project with U-Prag Drummers. Besides that, we are planning a big retro 10 years anniversary world tour - please feel free to drop me an email and I will be happy to share the details with you. I finally made a new chart and will do my best to update the rest of the site soon. Stay tuned for more news!

Vibrasphere - Purple (Peter Gun & DJ Slater remix)
[2013-03-13 10:58:23]

Out now on Tribal Vision Records:

Prague Full of Snakes video clip
[2013-02-25 12:41:41]

Check out our new official video for Prague Full of Snakes track!

DJ Slater - Weirdscapes (3-CD promo dj set)
[2012-12-04 16:25:54]

Available now for free download at or in DOWNLOAD section of this website.

I have been meaning to record a triple-cd set for quite some time and I am really glad I finally managed to do so. The reason for that is simple: it's been some 13 years since I started with djing and in the recent period I found myself playing at more and more diverse events around the world. Naturally, as a dj I am always trying to adjust my sets a bit to the particular event, whether it is massive psy/progressive festival such as Portuguese Boom or Hungarian Ozora, large techno event in Brazil or Mexico or intimate house party in my hometown. So, lately I realized that my music is oscillating among three styles that I would like to showcase in this triple-cd project:

CD 1 ("Deep & Indie") is kind of music that I am usually playing only at Czech house parties, at private events or upon a special request. It is a mixture of modern deep house, house, tech-house and indie dance.

CD 2 ("Tech & Groovy") is music for techno and tech-house events, whether domestic or international.

CD 3 ("Progressive") is something for worldwide (psy)progressive parties and festivals. This is the one that features also some of my own production and in fact most of the tracks on this CD were or will be released on my label Tribal Vision Records. It is also kind of music we are playing and composing in our live act/band project DJ Slater & U-Prag Drummers.

Flippers & DJ Slater (feat. U-Prag) - Unlocked
[2012-12-04 16:24:12]

My new release is out today! Three tracks EP made in cooperation with Flippers and U-Prag band features original mix plus exclusive remixes by Jerome Isma-Ae and Beckers & Hatfield and is played, praised and supported by some of the biggest DJs around, including Sasha, Above & Beyond, Stephan Bodzin, Derrick May or Funkagenda. Yopu can buy the whole release or particular tracks at the followings shops, among others:

Tour schedule 2012
[2012-08-16 16:02:17]

Most of the gigs I have played this year so far were simply amazing, including a two weeks Mexico tour, Fusion festival, Ozora in Hungary, Paradise festival, clubs in France, Austria, Germany, Switzerland and of course my residencies at Prague clubs Roxy and Cross! Much more is to come, follow the DATES section or add me to Facebook to keep yourself updated with the news!

Chronicles XI. Part 2: Winter
[2012-01-11 13:45:48]

New chapter of Chronicles compilation series, featuring also some of my recent tracks and remixes, has just been released on Tribal Vision Records

[2011-12-23 12:06:05]

Big update of Biography, Discography, Dates, Gallery and Charts sections!

DJ Slater & Nipp - Springish
[2011-12-07 16:19:58]

Brand new single made in cooperation with Nipp is out now with exclusive remix by Andrea Bertolini - get your copy at

Chronicles XI.
[2011-10-08 10:59:35]

New chapter of Chronicles compilation series is out now on Tribal Vision containing a few remixes of my recent tracks:

DJ Slater & Nipp - The Clap EP
[2011-08-23 18:11:12]

Our new EP including remixes by 16 Bit Lolitas and Lish is out today on Beatport!

Radio Snake EP
[2011-08-23 17:58:25]

Check out our cooperation with Solid Snake, including Magitman remix:

Flippers vs DJ Slater feat U-Prag - Virus EP
[2011-08-18 10:30:31]

Check out our latest EP with remixes by Ticon and Fiord!

Live in Palenque
[2011-08-02 09:17:38]

My new set recorded live in Palenque, Mexico is available for free download:

[2011-02-07 10:40:44]

New gigs added to DATES section, including tours in India, Mexico, Japan, various club gigs in Europe and US, and some new festivals for the summer time!

King of the Night EP
[2011-02-01 14:45:28]

My new EP on Tribal Vision Records made in cooperation with Flippers and U-Prag band is out! Besides the original mix it also includes some massive remixes by Koen Groeneveld and Perfect Stranger - check it out: Supported by Laurent Garnier, Umek, Mark Knight, Mason, Dave Seaman and many others!

Chronicles X.
[2011-01-05 14:15:28]

Manuel De La Mare remix of my track Virada has been featured on Chronicles X. compilation along with tracks and remixes by Umek, Spektre, Pig & Dan, Vibrasphere and many others.

Vanguard vol. 3
[2011-01-04 15:21:55]

The 3rd chapter of my Vanguard compilation series has been released and features new tracks and remixes from most of our main label artists including myself. Half of the tracks has already reached Beatport top100 and the release was supported by djs such as Dave Seaman, D-Nox, Hybrid, Desyn Masiello, Marco Bailey or Cristian Varela. Available at Beatport

King of the Day
[2010-12-21 11:56:47]

My new track has been released today on Tribal Vision Records - available now at Beatport

Back In Black (DJ Slater feat. U-Prag Drummers Live Edit)
[2010-12-07 11:05:36]

Our live version of Alter Breed's Back In Black is now out at Beatport

Live at Boom 2010
[2010-09-18 21:33:17]

Live recording of my dj set from this year's Boom festival is available on my Soundcloud page:

Japan tour
[2010-08-15 15:30:41]

Japan tour confirmed for September: Tokyo 4.9., Sendai 10.9., Nagoya 11.9.

Duca & DJ Slater - Virada Remixes feat. Manuel De La Mare
[2010-08-11 18:22:27]

Hopefully you enjoyed our dreamy track Virada released on Crosslink vol. 2 compilation in May. Here comes a remix single on Tribal Vision Records including our own techy club version of the original as well as massive techno remix by Manuel De La Mare. Both the tracks are already played and supported by Nick Warren, Mark Knight, Spektre, Tocadisco, Eric Entrena, Cid Inc (Mashtronic), Kasey Taylor, Thomas Penton and many others! Available in mp3/wav at Beatport

Summer festivals 2010
[2010-07-22 11:37:18]

Boom, Ozora, Aurora...check out the DATES section for the details!

Duca & DJ Slater - Virada
[2010-06-15 11:07:34]

My new track with Duca is out now on Crosslink 2 compilation by Iboga & Tribal Vision. You can buy in in mp3/wav format at Beatport or on a double CD compilation at Psyshop

May tours
[2010-05-04 16:26:43]

This month I will be touring Canada, USA and Mexico - check DATES for more info.

[2010-04-16 14:47:21]

Join me on Soundcloud - new set and sample for my upcoming track with Duca included:

Cider Loops
[2010-03-15 13:55:21]

Link to my brand new promo set is available in DOWNLOAD section.

March 2010 Top 10
[2010-03-11 12:40:02] CHARTS section.

DJ Slater feat. U-Prag drummers live @ Cross Club, Prague (January 2010)
[2010-02-05 15:18:02]

There is a short video online from a recent performance of my project with members of U-Prag band - check it out at

Jaia - Re:Works incl. AstroNivo & DJ Slater remix now available at Beatport
[2009-12-22 13:49:45]

Digital download version of the highly acclaimed Re:Works release is out today at Beatport - you can listen to it or buy mp3 / wav here:

December 2009 chart
[2009-12-22 13:14:10]

December top 10 is available in CHARTS section.

Jaia - Re:Works CD feat. AstroNivo & DJ Slater remix
[2009-11-27 23:15:12]

Remix album of the biggest hits of French progressive producer Jaia has just been released on Tribal Vision Records. Besides mine and AstroNivo's remix of Drifting Planet it also includes reworks by artists such as Martin Roth, Vibrasphere, Silicon Sound and Jaia himself. You can listen to the samples and buy the CD at

Mexico tour
[2009-10-22 21:30:22]

Dates for October Mexico tour are available now in DATES section

China and Japan
[2009-10-08 12:01:49]

And Asia once again - after a great Indian tour in September I am going to launch my new resident club night in Shanghai, China this weekend plus play as a DJ support at Juno Reactor concert in Tokyo, Japan - this one is gonna be massive!

India tour
[2009-09-20 11:21:21]

Next week I am going for a short tour to India - particular dates and cities are available in the appropriate section. Can't wait!

DJ Slater feat. U-Prag live @ Wonderland 2009 (Waldfrieden, Germany)
[2009-09-03 13:57:42]

A couple of short videos from the performance of my project featuring musicians from well-know Czech band U-Prag is available at

September 2009 chart
[2009-09-03 13:43:01]

September top 10 has been added to CHARTS section.

Israel tour
[2009-08-12 18:48:42]

I am going for a four-gigs tour to Israel this weekend, for the particular locations and dates please visit the DATES section.

Live @ Glade festival 2009
[2009-07-28 12:26:41]

Live recording of my set from this year's Glade festival in UK is available in DOWNLOAD section.

Sonica Reloaded & Future Nature festival
[2009-07-26 18:20:40]

I am playing at two festival in the South of Europe in the next two weeks - one of them is legendary Sonica in Italy (, the other Future Nature in Pula, Croatia. Both of them are highly recommended events, hopefully see you there!

Mexico tour
[2009-07-06 14:37:02]

I am going to Mexico for a short 3-gigs tour this week - the highlight should be undoubtedly Sundance festival near Mexico City on July 11th with artists such as Moonbeam, Astronivo, Andrea Bertolini or Duca. Need to be back on 13th in order to make it to our "Free Mondays" label party in Roxy, Prague - heavy week!

Summer gigs
[2009-07-01 15:38:38]

Visit DATES section to find out where you can hear me this summer. Mexico tour, Glade festival in UK, Sonica in Italy, Waldrieden Wonderland in Germany, beach party in Cyprus, open air in Israel, Future Nature in Croatia, Roxy, Bukanyr - all in all it looks like a great summer season indeed. See you at the dancefloor!

June 09 chart
[2009-06-30 10:56:49]

June top 10 added to CHARTS section.

[2009-06-29 19:50:20]

I have finally registered at Twitter - can't really say I am addicted but it is a nice tool nevertheless - if you want to join me there, just add me at

Live in Brazil
[2009-06-01 11:06:42]

Live recorded set from my Brazil tour is available in mp3 format in DOWNLOAD section.

Glade festival confirmation
[2009-05-26 20:32:57]

I am really happy to announce that I have been officially confirmed for the line up of this year's Glade festival. With the headlining artists such as Underworld, Booka Shade or Squarepusher, Glade is probably the best UK festival for electronic music. To get more info about this event go to

Brazil tour 29.4.-10.5.2009
[2009-04-26 18:42:13]

After amazing E-nigma party in Belo Horizonte last October, I am going to Brazil again next week, this time for almost two weeks tour. Besides the finest clubs in Goiania and Belo Horizonte, I am also going to perform at Virada Cultural in Sao Paolo, a huge street parade and surely one of the biggest music events in South America. If you are in that area by any chance, make sure to come!

April 2009 chart
[2009-04-15 14:09:07]

Brand new top 10 in CHARTS section.

Vanguard vol. 2 out at Beatport
[2009-03-16 22:19:59]

...and here is the direct link when you can purchase single tracks in mp3/wav formats:

February 2009 chart
[2009-02-22 07:14:11]


Vanguard vol. 2 by DJ Slater is out!
[2009-02-18 20:13:18]

My new compilation Vanguard 2 has just been released, with exclusive tracks and remixes from artists such as James Harcourt, Brisker & Magitman, Miki Litvak, Vibrasphere, Yotopia, Peter Gun or Astronivo. It also includes Komytea's remix of East Block, a track I did together with Tegma and Duca last year.

Mexico tour February 2009
[2009-02-09 18:03:14]

This Thursday I am leaving for almost two weeks tour over Mexico. Particular dates are available in DATES section.

Debut performance in Israel
[2009-02-05 23:02:00]

Tomorrow (February 6th) I will play for the first time ever in Tel Aviv, Israel. If you live there, make sure to visit our label party at Comfort 13 club.

January 2009 chart
[2009-01-27 17:57:55] be found (surprisingly:) in CHARTS section.

[2009-01-18 13:51:30]

Dates for 2009 have been updated.

November Chart
[2008-11-03 02:18:31]

November top 10 to be found in CHARTS section.

Enigma festival in Belo Horizonte, Brasil
[2008-10-16 18:44:54]

In the last few years, Brasil has slowly become one of the world's best countries for electronic music. If you are there by any chance this weekend, make sure to come to hear me playing at Enigma festival in Belo Horizonte.

Live in Canada
[2008-10-07 15:10:25]

Live recorded DJ set from my North American tour is available for free download in DOWNLOAD section.

[2008-10-05 12:25:57]

Finally I was able to set-up an artist page on Facebook. If you are using this social network, check it out and become a "fan":

September chart
[2008-09-21 23:58:11]

September top 10 to be found in CHARTS section.

Canada + U.S. tour in September
[2008-09-03 20:08:32]

I am leaving soon for my North American tour so between September 11th and 30th I won´t be able to answer your emails so often - will be still checking them from time to time though! There will be in total 5 gigs during 3 weekends, in Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton and New York City. For more details please check the DATES section.

August chart
[2008-08-26 13:14:31]

New chart added

Interview @ TV Ocko
[2008-08-22 16:06:18]

(CZ only) On Thursday 28th 22:30 CET you can watch the interview with me and Nipp as a part of dance music show Frisbee at Ocko TV station.

Live recorded DJ set from Fullmoon festival, Germany
[2008-07-28 13:11:38]

Get it for free in DOWNLOAD section

V.A. Cabaret @ Beatport
[2008-07-21 17:08:51]

The tracks from my new compilation Cabaret are now available also at

Gallery update
[2008-07-21 17:07:10]

A few new pictures were added to the Gallery section.

Summer gigs
[2008-07-12 23:41:27]

The open air season has started and it seems that it will be a strong one once again! I am just in Mexico City playing at Moisture Trance Steamer, one of the biggest summer parties in this area. A series of European festivals will follow - Fullmoon (Germany), No Man´s Land (Hungary), VuuV (Germany). After that I am getting a small break before big North American tour. Of course there will be also a few Czech parties in my favourite clubs - Roxy, Cross, Bukanyr... See you on the dancefloor ;)

V.A. Cabaret out!
[2008-06-24 18:38:39]

My new compilation for Tribal Vision Records has just been released, featuring exclusive tracks from artists such as Dousk, Tegma, Fiord, Duca and more! Get your copy at Digital download version of this release is coming out on July 21st.

[2008-06-19 16:09:12]

Charts, dates and biography sections have been updated. If you are from Austria or Ireland, see you at the dancefloor this weekend!

Live @ Transahara project festival, Morocco
[2008-04-06 19:26:42]

Live recording of my DJ set from Transahara Project festival held in Sahara desert - Morocco last month, is available in DOWNLOAD section. A really nice video by JDS is to be found here:

Tribal Vision label party in Mexico this month!
[2008-02-03 22:48:26]

For the second time already, Deliria is organizing our second big label party in Mexico DF on February 23rd! Besides myself there will be also Vibrasphere and Tegma coming to play to this special event. On Thursday and Friday I will also play two warm-up club gigs, in Mexico City and Xalapa respectively. More info @

February 08 chart
[2008-02-01 14:08:28]

New TOP 10 has been added to CHARTS section

Electronic Ladyland vol. 1 by DJ Slater
[2008-01-30 15:16:41]

The first volume of my new series of cd compilations is out now on Millenium records, UK. Features tracks from the likes of Minilogue, 16 Bit Lolitas, Jerome Isma-Ae, D-Nox & Beckers and also the song I made in collaboration with Tegma and Duca - East Block.

January gigs
[2008-01-11 19:07:41]

The New Year does start nicely - there is a Spanish tour planned for the last weekend of January, with gigs in Barcelona and capital Madrid. Besides that, German party people are warmly welcome to attend my dj performance in legendary Munchen club Natraj Temple on 19.1. More info find in the DATES section.

January 08 Chart
[2008-01-11 19:01:45]

New TOP 12 has been added to CHARTS section

V.A. Vanguard compiled by DJ Slater incl. Tegma, Duca & DJ Slater - East Block
[2007-12-18 14:27:41]

My new compilation Vanguard is out! Besides exclusive tracks and remixes from Jerome Isma-Ae, Elegant Universe, Lish & Yotopia, Even 11 or Komytea, it features also East Block, track I made together with Duca and Tegma. Already supported by Marco V, Kasey Taylor, Derek Howell, Eelke Kleijn, Kosmas Epsilon & many more...
Buy CD
Buy MP3 / WAV

Universo Parallelo - NYE in Brasil
[2007-12-12 21:29:07]

I was officially confirmed for the line up of New Years Eve festival Universo Parallelo, one of the biggest electronic music events in Brasil. Check more info & complete line up @

Summer summary
[2007-09-24 00:34:44]

Summer in Europe is over...and it was one hell of a summer! Hereby I would like to thank all the promoters and party people I played for during this festival season, I mostly had a really great time. What were the highlights? In Europe I have to mention especially breathtaking Fusion festival in Germany, definitely party with the most interesting concept these days. Besides that I really enjoyed Ozora festival in Hungary (the guys made a real success with this one), Life festival held on a beautiful Irish castle and last but not least Earthdance party in Bulgaria. I was also very happy for the two really nice Asian gigs - Shanghai / China (first gig ever there, what a great place!) and Tokyo / Japan. See you at the dancefloor soon ;)

Lime Light vol. 3 compiled by DJ Slater
[2007-07-13 21:45:07]

The third volume of my Lime Light compilation series is out now! Besides CD with a special 10 pages booklet there is also a digital version available at

July chart
[2007-07-13 20:58:12]

July chart and dates updated!

June gigs
[2007-07-08 18:15:14]

There were a few excellent gigs I played at in June. Fusion festival in Germany with over 30.000 visitors was definitely one of the best events I have ever attended. Another impressive event was Irish Life festival in a beautiful location and with a simply great crowd. Last but not least our label event in Tokyo turned out very well! Looking forward to the rest of the summer!

May Chart
[2007-05-17 19:54:11]

May top 10 has been added to Charts section.

DJ Slater - Live in Mexico
[2007-04-29 22:12:45]

Live recorded set from my recent dj performance near Mexico City is available for free download in DOWNLOAD section.

Tribal Planet vol. 3 by DJ Slater
[2007-04-26 22:54:28]

UK based label YSE has just released my brand new 2 CD compilation Tribal Planet vol. 3. It features tracks from Luke Chable, 16 Bit Lolitas, Chris Micali, D-Nox & Beckers and many other big progressive acts.

Tribal Vision Records in Mexico
[2007-04-03 13:12:33]

Just got back from Tribal Vision open air label party organized by Deliria collective near Mexico City - what a blast! Check out pictures from this special event where I played together with my label mates Tegma, Vibrasphere and POTS:

Australia tour
[2007-02-22 05:48:54]

From February 14th until March 5th I am on a tour over Australia. Come and listen to my sets at Earthfreq festival (17.2., NSW), Akasha festival (24.2., Victoria) and in Melbourne (2.3.).

DJ Slater @ Radio Akropolis
[2007-02-22 05:38:50]

Interview in Czech language + exclusive set for Radio Akropolis from February 2nd is available for download here:

DJ Slater - Candy Blues
[2007-01-30 22:47:35]

My brand new mixed cd, featuring 11 Tribal Vision tracks, is coming out as a part of Portugal magazine "Goagadar" in February 2007.

Progressive Goa Trance vol. 4 compiled by DJ Slater
[2007-01-23 21:46:20]

I have just compiled a 4th chapter of this successful progressive double-CD series, feat. tracks by Andre Absolut, D-Nox & Beckers, Tegma, Fitalic, Phatjak, Vibrasphere and many others. Coming out soon on Yellow Sunshine Explosion.

Frisky radio mix download
[2007-01-23 21:38:51] available in DOWNLOAD section.

Exclusive set for Frisky radio
[2007-01-11 21:18:13]

My brand new set will be broadcasted on the top US progressive radio Frisky as a part of The Trip 24 show. It will also feature sets by Greed, Parham, Thomas Penton and many others. Check it out 20.1.2007 at

PF 2007
[2006-12-29 23:50:26]

Hereby I would like to thank all of you for such a great support in the past year - 2006 was a real breakthrough for me, with amazing gigs all over the world, loads of music released on my label and many new friends and experiences. Thanks again!

VA - Trash Art compiled by DJ Slater
[2006-12-16 21:32:25]

My new CD compilation called Trash Art has just been released! It features tracks from some of the hottest progressive acts around - names like Brisker and Magitman, Fitalic, Thomas Penton, Tegma, Even 11, Roman Rai, Nick Hogendoorn and Eelke Kleijn, Phony Orphants, Duca and Antix speak for themselves. Listen to the samples here:

December chart
[2006-12-14 17:10:36]

December top 10 has been added to Charts section.

Back from Japan
[2006-11-27 23:05:00]

Just got back from our small label tour over Japan - and I must say it was a real blast! Big thanks and respect to promoters and partypeople in Tokyo and Nagoya, both events were simply great! Some pictures will follow soon...

Brasil bookings
[2006-10-17 02:06:45]

Bookings for DJ Slater in Brasil are now handled by Wild Artists agency. Next South American tour is planned for April 2007 - please get in touch with if you would like to participate.

October Chart
[2006-10-16 23:05:07]

September top 10 added to "Charts" section.

Interview for Clubber´s Guide
[2006-09-25 00:22:49]

Interview for main Macedonian electronic music site Clubber´s Guide. Since registration is required, you can also follow this link to read it at another forum:

Live in Sweden
[2006-09-18 17:27:03]

Live recorded dj set from Wizardry of the Woods 2006 festival near Gothenburg/Sweden is available for free download in DOWNLOAD section.

Interview for Radio Wüste-Welle
[2006-09-15 14:21:39]

Interview for German Radio Wüste-Welle (96,6 MHz) will be broadcasted on the coming Sunday (September 17th), 10 p.m.-1 a.m.

September Chart
[2006-09-12 19:58:38]

September top 10 added to "Charts" section.

Release promo
[2006-09-01 18:50:10]

DJ Slater has joined the Release promo DJ pool alongside the names such as Hernan Cattaneo, Steve Porter, Sultan, Matthew Dekay, Paul Van Dyk and many others.

Lime Light 2 compiled by DJ Slater
[2006-08-15 03:01:34]

I am glad to announce that my brand new compilation has just been released on Tribal Vision Records! The CD includes exclusive tunes from the likes of Tegma, Vibrasphere, Ryan Halifax, Solead, Brisker and Magitman, Greed vs. Sonic Cube, Fitalic, Sonify and Roman Rai. Listen to the samples here:

New website launched
[2006-07-18 00:01:22]

Welcome to my dj website! Enjoy and feel free to leave a message in the guestbook.